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tricia helfer

battlestar galactica: damn!

Tonight episode of Battlestar Galactica demonstrates a problem with series that feature ongoing plots rather than standalone episodes: it was one of the best episodes of the series yet, a candidate for best episode ever, but I can't say to newbies "go download it on iTunes and see what the fuss is about" because it wouldn't make a bit of sense if you hadn't been watching all along.

The various fulcrums from which the show constructs its universe include the political (government) and military, and the philosophical (religion, but also an analysis of the true meaning of humanity). Those are big themes ... the show could easily be overwhelmed in "importance." It manages to be entertaining nonetheless. But an episode like tonight ... and I'm avoiding spoilers, these days there's no telling when someone is watching a particular episode ... well, after a few episodes that did little more than tread water, here comes one that offers an entirely new way of looking at what happens in the Galactic universe, and does it without seeming off-the-wall change-for-the-sake-of-change. There were several points during the episode where you just wanted to say "whoa" and pause the DVR to take in what you'd just seen. It was great teevee.