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a scanner darkly

A Scanner Darkly was Philip K. Dick's last great novel, the only one outside of his fertile mid-60s period that could arguably be considered his best. The movie version is finally due this summer, and I have great expectations for it. I am not one who has been impressed by the Dick work that has made it to the screen so far ... Blade Runner is the most highly regarded, of course, although I'm not a big fan of that one ... I suppose I'd put Minority Report at the top, along with parts of Total Recall. But for the most part, movies have failed to get the essential psychedelic experience of reading PKD on the screen.

Which makes it ironic that A Scanner Darkly, Dick's powerful anti-drug novel, looks to be the one that finally gets it right. I'm making these statements based on very little information. The movie is being done by Richard Linklater, who has made some very fine films in his career, and he uses the same rotoscoping technique he featured in Waking Life. It seems like the perfect style for a Dick novel-into-film.

And then there are the trailers. Here's a link to one of the most recent ones ... Robin, this one has the aphids!


I haven't looked forward so much to a movie in many years.