pazz and jop 2005
oscar run x: munich

the 40 year old virgin

Another non-Oscar movie, which I rented thinking it would get some noms. The 40 Year Old Virgin is not the kind of movie I normally like, i.e. it's a contemporary comedy. I think it was better than most, though. The best of the male-humor movies work by being honest about male relationships while simultaneously showing how messed up they can be. The goofy guy humor is funny at times, but it's not really offensive, because the guys making the jokes more often than not come across as the losers. Add in a fine job by Steve Carrell, and you've got a movie that is funny, salty, and sweet, all in one package. If you like modern comedies, you might even think it was hilarious, although I personally wouldn't go that far. And while Catherine Keener is always good, the female characters weren't up to the ones in American Pie, which remains the best of the modern guy comedies.