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I think I mentioned last year around this time that while I still look forward to the Pazz & Jop results, the immediacy has lost some of its edge now that sites like Acclaimed Music and Metacritic lets us know throughout the year how the critics are ranking the music. Anyway, 2005 is out. Kanye wins best album (Sleater-Kinney finished #4), "Gold Digger" grabs best single. Bruce finished #40 in albums, Mary Gauthier #63, Amy Rigby #70. Bruce tied for #66 in singles, S-K #112 (two songs), Gauthier #125. Bloc Party's "Helicopter," which may have been my own favorite single, rolled in at #183.

The best thing about the poll is the accompanying essays ... Christgau always has a long one by his standards that is usually excellent (only just saw the results were posted and so haven't read this year's yet). Oh, and I like checking out the ballots of critics I follow throughout the years. (Xgau gave the most points to Kanye, Thelonious Monk, and a Saharan music anthology, Marcus went with the Our New Orleans anthology, Ann Powers opted for the Mountain Goats, Scott Woods who did the interview with me listed only singles, and I'm not sure if they are ordered or not but Junior Senior is at the top of his list.)