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Well, the fruits of someone else's kind labors allow me to blather, and you know how I like to blather. Scott Woods has had an interesting presence on the web for a few years, including various versions of Rockcritics Daily. Scott interviewed me last week about this blog, the very idea of which honored me much more than I deserved. You can listen to our conversation on "live from my mother-in-law's #1." The talk ranges from what my family thinks of my blog (Sue will like that!) to Charlie Bertsch to our kitchen remodel to Milton Berle's penis. Scott also asks me to choose a few songs to play ... while I chose them in advance (and he edited them in later), I didn't realize he was going to then ask me to pick them as we were talking, so if I sound surprised when he says "whattya want to hear now," that's because I WAS surprised. Thanks to Scott for giving me the chance to jabber. (The interview is a downloadable MP3 file, about 45 meg.)