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There is a bit of irony in what follows, considering the recent discussions I've had with my family the past few days.

Awhile back I wrote about Craig Ferguson, whose late-night talk show airs after Dave Letterman, opposite Conan O'Brien. I noted that Ferguson's opening monologues were different from the norm, and recommended that folks check them out on the CBS website.

Well, I highly recommend last night's edition, which can be found for a few days at least over at CBS ... you can either choose it from the "Show and Tell" section under "January 30, 2006" or select "A Tribute To His Father" on the right. It's an amazing piece. Ferguson's father died on the weekend, and he threw out the usual show to pay tribute to his dad, beginning with the monologue.

A couple of notes for those who don't normally watch the show. The tie that Ferguson is wearing is part of the tribute, I assume ... Ferguson rather famously does his show without a tie, so the more formal attire is likely a sign of respect. Also, Ferguson mentions at the start that he'd been in Scotland for the past week, and his accent is very thick. We've all had this experience, where a friend will go home to visit the country of their birth, and when they return they've picked up a lot of their old speech patterns. This seems to have happened here as well ... Ferguson's accent is pretty thick anyway, but it's more so here, and in an odd way, that's a tribute to his father as well.