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craig ferguson

This isn't one of those times when I tell you about the greatest show in the history of television. I just want to point to something a little different in a traditional genre. Craig Ferguson is the host of the Late Late Show that comes on CBS after Dave Letterman. No one watches ... he's on too late, and Conan O'Brien gets all of the ratings anyway. Ferguson's got something interesting going on, though ... his monologue. Ferguson doesn't tell jokes, he just kinda rambles for ten or fifteen minutes (or that's how it seems ... in reality, there's a lot of prep work to make it look so off-the-cuff). It's not much, but after several decades of watching late-night hosts tell the kind of jokes that beg for a rimshot, it's pretty amazing to see Ferguson doing something more like observational humor.

If you want a taste, CBS archives his monologues here. If you go that site, his monologues are listed under "Show and Tell." It's worth it to get through an entire piece, because they have a loopy cumulative power.

And again, if you only watch one hour of television a week, it should be something on HBO, or maybe Battlestar Galactica, and if you only watch one late-night show, it should be Dave Letterman. But Ferguson's got something going on the wee hours.