xmas 2005: the pic-less version
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weekly stat update

According to Google Sitemaps, a few new search terms led people to this blog since last week. "Drunken Santa" is still #1, but among the new items are "fuck tv" (type that into Google, and the 6th hit will be one of my blog posts), "jessica lange legs" (in honor of Kong, I suppose ... my blog comes up 2nd on the Google hit list for that phrase), and "kristin proctor" ... for her I'm 4th on the list. Kristin Proctor, as I've mentioned before, is the daughter of one of the original Firesign Theatre guys, and an actress in her own right ... she does a lot of voice-over work, which I imagine is partly genetic. Most people reading this will remember Proctor from her semi-regular appearances in the second season of The Wire, as Nick's girlfriend Aimee. In one of those episodes, Proctor got out of bed and put on a shirt. The putting on of the shirt took about four seconds tops. In those four seconds, Proctor became an instant favorite on the Internets. The next day, I posted something on my blog about Proctor becoming an Internet legend ... now, 2 1/2 years later, people are searching for information on her, and after one hit to a link about her acting career and two links promising "Kristin Proctor Nude!" you get a link to my old blog post.

So just remember, all you bloggers out there, you never know who is going to be reading your words, why they will be reading them, or when they will be reading them. Sometimes it works out nicely ... awhile back I heard from a woman who told me where I could buy Fanta de Limon on the Internet, and I was able to get some for Xmas. Sometimes you get people looking for nudie photos.

And yes, Milton Berle's Penis is still a popular gateway to my blog ...