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Maybe I'll do one last year-end list. These are websites I visit regularly, that don't show up on any of those blogroll-thingies on the left.

Desperately Seeking Peace. "Young woman on the path to becoming a midwife to serve the Black community. A community that is suffering from the highest infant mortality rates in America and abroad." I won't tell exactly who this is, in case it's supposed to be anonymous, but she's one of Sara's oldest friends. Her tagline doesn't really explain what her blog is about ... it's much more personal than you'd think, which is especially fun if you know her, but even if you don't, it's interesting to read about a Berkeley person stranded in the middle of nowhere.

Eensy Weensy. "Rockcrit and A-Mama Ann Powers thinks way too hard sometimes." Not sure why I haven't stuck this in "friends and family" yet. Ann doesn't post everyday, but when she posts, it's worth reading.

News From Me. "Mark Evanier's weblog about comic books, TV, animation, politics and other forms of fantasy." I've never met Mark Evanier, and didn't know he was "famous" until I'd been reading his blog for a long time, which tells you that he's not exactly preening about himself. But his experiences in entertainment and his skills as a writer result in an excellent blog. He's done a lot of work in comics, but also has written for television, some pretty oddball shows in fact, with titles like "The Krofft Superstar Hour with the Bay City Rollers" and the immortal "Pink Lady and Jeff."

Romenesko. "Your daily fix of media industry news, commentary, and memos." If you care, lots of people in the news industry read this.

Television Without Pity. "Spare the snark, spoil the networks." Really two websites in one, the recap area where almost-as-funny-as-they-think-they-are writers recap episodes of your favorite shows, and the forum area, where the TWoP community chatters about their favorite shows.

Test. Test. Is This Thing On? "Can You Hear Me?" This one is a personal blog that, at least to me, is of interest even if you don't know the person.

TV Squad. "Blogging Television." Television Without Pity minus the forums.

Waiter Rant. "Do You Want Pommes Frites With That?" The life of a waiter. Great writing, instructive for those of us who eat out a lot.