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friday random ten

The last one for 2005:

1. Crowded House, "Pineapple Head." I know they were (are?) popular. I couldn't name one of their songs off the top of my own pineapple head. This one sounds nice.

2. Dr. John, "Gris-Gris Gumbo Ya Ya." When Dr. John crossed over with "Right Place, Right Time," those of us who remembered his first album were surprised. Thirty years down the road from that hit, everyone knows John as a superb pianist and keeper of the New Orleans tradition. But his first album was weird, so weird that it make people shake their heads in the 60s, when weird was everywhere. And as far as we knew, Dr. John really was a "night tripper," whatever that was.

3. Nuspirit Helsinki, "Skydive." Too insistent to work as mere background music. This is good stuff, cross of techno and jazz I guess. I know v.little about the artists.

4. P.J. Proby, "Mission Bell." American singer, popular in England in the 60s. He sucked.

5. Van Morrison, "These Dreams of You." From a live 1970 bootleg.

6. Tori Amos, "Real Men." I never know what her songs are about. She didn't write this one.

7. Mike Jones, "Still Tippin'." Even a blind squirrel finds an acorn once in awhile, or whatever that old saying is.

8. Tiny Tim, "This Is All I Ask." P.J. Proby only wishes he had this much talent.

9. OutKast, "Rosa Parks." Good track for people who still (yawn) think that rap crap ain't real music.

10. Tim Hardin, "Reason to Believe." Once again, shuffle play picks a good song to end the list with.