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will wonders never cease


I love Carl Dreyer's masterwork The Passion of Joan of Arc, so I was surprised to find that I didn't much care for his later Ordet, which I watched yesterday. It was a dreary affair that hinged on arcane religious differences between people, almost all Christians, who didn't seem all that different to my untrained eye. (At one point, one of the Christians says to a member of a rival sect that those rivals don't know how to enjoy life, which is pot/kettle/black, since the speaker hasn't cracked a smile the entire movie.)

I only mention the movie at all because of one character, a young man who has gone crazy and thinks he's Jesus. He wanders around the house talking verrrrrrry sloooooow, spouting stuff out of the Bible. An explanation is offered for the man's mental problems: his father sent him to a good school, realizing his son was gifted and hoping the learning experience would allow the son to become a religious leader in the community. Instead it drives the son crazy, because ...

He had to read Kirkegaard.