happy anniversary, robin!
mind wide open

what was happening on may 26, 1973

The #1 pop single when we got married was "Frankenstein" by the Edgar Winter Group.

On our honeymoon, we went to the movies. The movie we saw had come out a couple of weeks before: Hitler: The Last Ten Days. Hitler was played by Alec Guinness. Most of the rest of the cast is unknown or long-forgotten, like Diane Cilento, who divorced her husband Sean Connery later that year.

While we were getting married, the Giants were beating the Montreal Expos (no longer a team in Montreal, of course, although there was a big sign in Santa Cruz where we honeymooned that read "Follow the Washington Senators," who were already defunct, but now the Expos have moved to Washington). The Giants leadoff hitter that day was Bonds: Bobby Bonds. The attendance? 5,038 (no, I didn't leave out a zero).

The NBA playoffs had been over for two weeks.

Angelina Jolie wasn't born yet. Her dad, Jon Voight, would star in The All-American Boy later that year.

Stevie Nicks turned 25 the day we got married.

John Kerry was 29 years old. 22 years later, as Robin and I celebrated our anniversary, he married Teresa Heinz.

Paul McCartney and Wings played a concert in London on May 26, 1973. They played no Beatle songs, although they did manage to get in "Turkey in the Straw." Their song "My Love" was #2 on the charts ... a few days later the single "Live and Let Die" was released. (Also in the Top Ten was something called "Wildflower" by someone called Skylark ... can't say I remember that one.)



wildflower was a pretty good one hit wonder song. much better than seasons in the sun. hard to type. got a sprained finger in a splint.


Love you both

Steven Rubio

I just listened to a 30-second clip, and it still didn't ring a bell.

Of course, anything's better than "Seasons in the Sun."

and i was born!

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