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six feet under, not deep enough

I think the last time I wrote about Six Feet Under, I was complaining about the early episodes of Season Three, which I found stupidly obscure. That season got better, though ... I wasn't happy with all the character developments, but they made internal sense.

Now we're watching Season Four ... SFU is about the last of the shows where we haven't caught up yet, but we will make it pretty quickly now, since S4 is On Demand. I was prepared for some bad television ... more than one person has said the 4th season was pretty bad ... but I found the early episodes ok, if not great.

But now I've gotten to "That's My Dog," and holy moly, if that wasn't the worst hour of television in history, I don't know what is. (For those who have seen it but don't recall titles, it's the carjacking episode.) Jump the Shark has this episode marking the moment the series went under for 78 voters ... second place got 43 votes, third place got 14, so you get the idea, this was a really really really bad episode. Ludicrous like 24 is ludicrous, unnecessarily abusive of the audience ... it stunk, what can I say? I wouldn't even bother to write about it ... it's a year old, after all, who cares? ... but it was so bad, it deserved a few words.