my son

raymond who?

Some people think all I do is watch teevee all day long. One example of how wrong they are is that I have never seen an episode of Everybody Loves Raymond. That's not a criticism of the show ... how could it be, when I've never seen it? ... just another way to explain what it is I actually watch on television. Or don't watch ... I don't watch many sitcoms. Some good ones catch my eye for a season or two, but I seem to need the ongoing narrative of a dramatic series to keep my attention. To put it another way, I'm far more excited about next week's season premiere of the admittedly mediocre Queer As Folk than I am depressed about the departure of Raymond who I've never met.

There are always shows like Raymond, some good, some bad (and I have no idea which Raymond is). For a long time I used Coach as an example. Coach lasted for nine seasons and 200 episodes. Why?

I'm willing to believe Raymond was a better show than Coach, but I'm not willing to watch just to find out.