l word season finale

What else is there to say? The finale included gratuitous Gloria Steinem ... their last chance of the year to have something happen, and they stop in the middle for five minutes where everyone sits around a table spouting truisms with Gloria. I'm also one who thinks the use of Ossie Davis bordered on exploitation. And Betty is an awful rock band and worse actresses ... gee, I wonder if they're friends with the producer or something?

There were a couple of episodes in the middle of the season with some substance, but for the most part, Season Two of The L Word was possibly the worst season of television where I have actually sat through all of the episodes.

Grade for Season Two: C

Season total so far:

The Office: B+
NYPD Blue: B
: B-
Joan of Arcadia
: B-/C+
The L Word: C

[ETA two series which ended some time ago.]