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friday random ten

Here we go again:

1. John Scofield, "Green Tea." Don't know if I've ever even heard this one, so I'm not sure what it's doing on my hard drive. (I just looked ... it's NOT on my hard drive, it's in my MusicMatch library as an On Demand streaming track.) It's a light jazz thing, nice background music.

2. Bruce Springsteen, "Highway Patrolman." "Man turns his back on his family, well he just ain't no good."

3. Crosby & Nash, "Lay Me Down." I mostly avoided these embarrassing tracks before, but they're coming out of the woodwork now. They cut this one last year, and it's the same old mellow folkie shit.

4. Bobby Darin, "Mack the Knife." This is much cooler than #3.

5. The Grateful Dead, "The Golden Road (To Unlimited Devotion)." The single from their very first album. I'm not a Deadhead, so of course I always loved this song.

6. The Pixies, "Caribou." The first song to make a second appearance on the Friday Random Ten, which is pretty amazing, considering I'm shuffling 3,647 tracks.

7. Magic Sam, "21 Days in Jail." Hot git-tar on this one.

8. Muddy Waters, "Rollin' Stone." These last two are both nominally blues, but they don't sound anything the same. I shook Muddy's hand once. Might be the greatest hand I ever touched.

9. Albert Collins, "Ice Pick." Yet another blues song, yet another different style of music. All blues does not sound the same. Saw him at Slim's once ... his trademark, which he did that night, was to leave the stage during a solo and play his way out onto the street.

10. Graham Parker & the Rumour, "Don't Get Excited." I've seen a lot of the artists on this week's list in concert. Parker was one of the best. Between 1976 and 1979, Graham Parker made four studio albums, and even the lesser one had its moments. All Music Guide gives those albums 5, 4 1/2, 4 1/2, and 5 stars out of 5. Christgau gave them A, A, A-, A. "Don't Get Excited" was the last song on the last of those albums, and while he's made some good music over the last 25 years, you could have quit listening to him after "Don't Get Excited" and not have missed much of Parker's essence. It's not like Rod Stewart, where he pissed away his great talent. It just kinda disappeared.


Don Neal

1.Git Up by D12
2.Fightin In The Club by I-20 f. DTP
3.Tryin 2 Have Sumthin by Kane & Abel
4.Meet Them Parents by Jay-Z "So turned on that she had to shower twice"
5.Go DJ by Lil Wayne
6.What U See Is What U Get by Xzibit
7.She Tried by Bubba Sparxxx the best fiddle
8.I Ain't With Being Broke by Geto Boys
9.Grand Finale by The D.O.C. last song w/ Ice Cube NWA & last song that Doc could talk
10.Shadowboxin by GZA f. Meth

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