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will the circle be unbroken

We're driving down the highway tonight. Robin behind the wheel, me riding shotgun. In the back are Robin's dad Bob, who's 78, and his girlfriend Carol, who turns 73 on Monday. We're driving back to Bob and Carol's house after dinner out for Carol's birthday. On the car stereo is an MP3 mix disc I burned that had songs I thought our guests might like ... mostly country music, and a lot of that music was by Willie Nelson.

On comes "Will the Circle Be Unbroken" from the mid-70s. Willie sings what seems like a billion verses ... after each verse and chorus, somebody in the band plays a solo. The song goes on for a very long time, and with each chorus, one or more of us sings along ... "will the circle ... be unbroken ..."

This is part of what Willie Nelson represents: multiple generations of Americans singing along to a venerable classic.