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what i'm apparently listening to

I just noticed that MusicMatch keeps track of how many times you've listened to a particular track. I tend to clean out my library once in awhile ... inadvertently, I usually erase it by accident ... so it's only guaranteed to be accurate over the last few weeks or so, and it only counts what I'm listening to through MusicMatch, so that leaves out the Karma or the regular stereo. Anyway, here's all the songs I've listened to three times in the last few weeks:

Forest Sun, "Tumbleweed"
US3, "Tukka Yoot's Riddim"
Tom Russell, "Touch of Evil"
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, "There She Goes, My Beautiful World"
Stephen Malkmus, "The Hook"
Tish Hinojosa, "Something in the Rain"
Marc Cohn, "Silver Thunderbird"
Bob Dylan, "She Belongs to Me"
Muddy Waters, "Rollin' Stone"
Fleetwood Mac, "Oh Daddy"
David Bowie, "Life on Mars?"
Nick Drake, "Know"
Zero 7, "In the Waiting Line"
Jack Johnson, "Good People"
The Delgados, "Get Action!"
Aqualung, "Falling Out of Love"
Patty Larkin, "Dear Diary"
Alison Krauss, "Crazy As Me"
Steve Earle, "Comin' Around"
Donovan, "Catch the Wind"
The Decemberists, "16 Military Wives"