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two faces, bruce and james

This is interesting when taken in the context of my previous post: tonight in Texas, Bruce played "Two Faces," a Tunnel of Love song he hasn't played since the tour supporting that album in the late 80s.

Meanwhile, in a largely unrelated post, I've spent the last hour listening to live James Brown music. The usually astute Scott Woods commented that the JB of Live at the Apollo "never grabbed" him. This inspired me to play one of my favorite tracks of all time, "Lost Someone" from the '62 Apollo album. I was on a roll, I guess, because I followed it up with the long "Man's World" medley from the '68 Apollo album, which also incorporates another version of "Lost Someone," and right now I've got "Cold Sweat" from Dallas '68. There's really nothing else I can play after JB that will affect me ... guess I'm done with tunes until tomorrow.