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season finale: joan of arcadia

It's the time of the year when shows start shutting down for the summer, and Joan of Arcadia leads the way. Declining ratings mean this might have been the series finale, rather than just the season finale ... time will tell.

The final episode, setting up a battle between good and evil, god and satan, whatever vs. whatever, was interesting. The possibility that the creators of the show have planned this battle for two years is intriguing. I have to admit, though, that I don't believe it ... it felt more like "we better do something or we'll get canceled" than "here's the scenario for the first two years of the show." I have no idea, of course, I'm just saying it didn't play right to me ... not the way something that happened in Season One of The Wire got resolved in Season Three.

So you've got a new direction for a show that desperately needed it, and it didn't exactly sprout out of nothing, but neither did it feel like an organic merge.

And since Season Two was mostly worse than Season One, I can't say that I really care if this show gets canceled. Amber Tamblyn has never been less than excellent, but many of the other characters have been stuffed into the show in an awkward fashion, and I don't think it's good enough for them to pretend now that it had been planned that way from the beginning.

And as much as I miss Buffy, I don't need another one, thank you.

Grade for Season Two: B-/C+