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Landon Donovan left the San Jose Earthquakes to play for Los Angeles, and he seems upset to hear that we are going to boo the shit out of him when he returns to San Jose as a member of the opposition. Soccer America quotes him saying, "That team went from five horrible years to four pretty-damn-good years, and people just throw it out the window and forget about it in maybe a week's time. That's pretty sad."

Dear Landon: look in the mirror. The fans aren't the ones who abandoned San Jose, and we haven't forgotten a thing. You're the one who has forgotten, pal, and yes, it's sad.

Meanwhile, Cynthia and I went to the Giants game today. We left after five innings, with the Giants comfortably in front and the rain pouring down pretty hard. We assumed the game had been called, but when I got home, they were still playing, so I guess I broke my usual rule about leaving early. The rain sucked, though.

If I had something else of interest to say, I'd say it.