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Yesterday was one of the best Opening Days ever. The Giants beat the Dodgers, the weather was gorgeous, and I got to hang out with my kids:


Today my Karma finally returned from Repair Exile. I'll test it out in the rain at tomorrow's Giants game, and then give it a real workout next week when we'll be in Washington.


Patrick Ellis

Ah, I'm jealous. Not only was I working yesterday afternoon, but it doesn't look as if I'll get to game before May--I ended up with tickets to the Friday night exhibition against the A's, but gave those to my daughter to take one of her A's fan pals to; had tickets for tomorrow night but it's my son's 19th birthday, so gave those to him & he'll take his girlfriend; have ones for the Saturday the 23rd, but I'll be out of town & so may end up giving them to my eldest, who may happen to be in town that weekend. Baring some other turn of events, first game will be the May 11 weekday day game against the Pirates. All-in-all, not a bad start; I love weekday day games & I can wear my ancient "Beat the Bucs" pin.

And just now, I could finally settle in & turn on the game, and my live season starts with Kent making the last out of the inning, Kent getting a single (E5, imo), Kent scores on a Milton Bradely triple Grissom fielded like a man in his late 30s... Ugh. Bradley scores, now 4-1. But there'll be no Gagne, so we'll see... Another hit, Walker removed, Wotus making the change, where's Felipe??? Home run, 7-1. Doesn't look like it'll matter anymore if Gagne is available (but it ain't over 'til it's over!).

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