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hasil adkins

Hasil Adkins always struck me as ageless. I first heard him in the late 80s ... new to me, I didn't realize he'd been making records for three decades already. There's really no way to describe The Haze if you haven't heard him, and if you have heard him, you don't need to be reminded what he sounded like. A one-man band whose voice was Rockabilly Beefheart, his lyrics were unlike anything you've ever heard. Honest. As AMG notes, "Songs about eating peanut butter on the moon, chopping girls' heads off and mounting them on his wall, and doing something called the "hunch" are typical lyrical fare for Adkins."

I was introduced to Hasil Adkins by a woman I met on CompuServe back when I worked there. Never met her in real life ... she just disappeared one day ... but she used to send me packages with all sorts of stuff, mostly music, vinyl, mix tapes, everything. Nicest person I ever met, except I never met her and she disappeared. She made me a tape copy of one of Lester Bangs' albums, and sent along a bunch of 60s crap-rock anthologies like Las Vegas Grind, Pt. 1, with pictures of strippers on the covers ... then, when I told her I thought these were quite entertaining, she said if that was the case, she knew something I'd REALLY like, and that's when she sent me a Hasil Adkins compilation tape. Damnedest thing I ever heard ... still is, for that matter.

Hasil Adkins died Tuesday at the age of 67. Here's a line or two from "No More Hot Dogs":

Now, baby don't you be, be afraid
'Cause you don't wanna eat, eat none today
Gonna put your head on my wall
And then you can't eat no more hot dogs