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action chloe (24 spoilers)

Earlier today I quoted an article that suggested it takes a smart person to watch the complexly-plotted television series of today. I generally agree with that, but here's the thing: he used 24 as an example. And, as tonight's episode clearly showed, the most active use of your brain when watching 24 is to figure out all the ways in which the show plays with time and space in ridiculous ways, just to get you on the edge of your seat. This is mostly because of the self-imposed 24-hour time frame of each season ... they can't waste any time, so whenever the good guys have to go somewhere, it takes a long time if that's needed, it takes three minutes if that's what's needed. Tonight they needed a lot of 3-minute trips, I guess.

And yet, just when you're thinking this is the most ludicrous episode since Kim met up with a cougar, Chloe starts blastin'! You go, girl! Who cares about ludicrous? Action Chloe rules!