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I can't answer that for me, having never taken SSRIs. But I had the same anxiety about one of my cats. He was peeing everywhere in the basement right before we were going to sell the house and we had to do something. He'd had all the tests and was healthy according to the vet. He'd acted out once before (beating up the other cat) and we were told to put him on Paxil and couldn't stomach it. We were too worried about losing the better parts of his personality. Well, nobody wants to sell a house when the basement smells like cat piss (much less LIVE in such a place!), so we took the plunge and started giving him Paxil (that was an interesting conversation with the pharmacist). He slept a lot for the first few days and then more or less was back to normal except he didn't piss outside the box anymore. His meow changed slightly, and otherwise it's like he's the same cat minus the pissing. We took him off it as an experiment once and the pissing started again at our new place, so now he's on it for life. Yes I know that's fucked up.

But the house sold in one day.


Okay, you were probably wondering when I would get around to this post. :)

Just call me "Prozac Man". Won't give 'em up. Ever. (too afraid I'll start pissing all over the house again!) The first month I was on the damn things (oh - so many years ago)I did indeed hate them. I was as your post is titled, a zombie. Prior I was a very passionate individual in both the good and bad ways. That was suddenly gone. So I wasn't freaked out anymore about life around me, I didn't give a shit about anything.

I comtemplated going off the things; doc said "give it some time". Into the second month, I started getting excitable again. But it was different. I would feel joy and I would feel fear. I would get happy and I would get pissed off just like the "old" me. But I noticed something...the stress and fear that accompanied my emotions and environment was absent. I could acknowledge that my life seemed on the brink of destruction whether it be health, doctors, attorneys, the government or bills; I could now simply give a moment of priority and then file it away in the "it'll all work out okay in the end" file of my brain.

This didn't mean I just was able to ignore my "social duties", just that they didn't control me anymore. Quiet nice if you ask me. Oh yeah, you did...

Became a Christian during all this crap and wondered..."Gee, now that I trust my life in God, I shouldn't need the Prozac anymore". Soon after that silly notion, it was time to re-examine my Social Security case! I thanked God for making SSRIs possible' took my daily dose of Prozac and moved on. :)

My doc said it far better than me..."Give it some time".

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