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l word season two so far

It's funny how you have to worry about spoilers even when you say something the day after an episode has run, because so many people are watching shows on their own schedules now.

I haven't been very kind to The L Word in the past. But Season Two is worse than Season One, so I'm not gonna be any kinder now. The awful Jenny character has become almost tolerable in Season Two ... unfortunately, the show has now taken to dramatizing Jenny's short stories, and based on those vignettes, she's a really shitty writer, so the character doesn't make me puke as often but her "art" is barf city.

So, what's good about Season Two? My two favorite characters, Shane and Alice, can do no wrong in my book, although Alice in particularly has been a bad girl lately. Honestly, if they spun off a Shane and Alice series (and got new writers), I'd watch that for sure. Also, I'm not the biggest Jennifer Beals fan, but she's done very well with her character, and since I don't like her character, it's been fun seeing her in misery. And last night's pregnant-lady sex scene was as hot as it gets ... for once, L Word was as groundbreaking as they think they are.

But, lordamighty, what a pile of crap most of the plots are this season. I'll leave the lesser ones aside and just talk about the biggest waste of time: the voyeuristic straight guy who takes secret videos of lesbians having sex while he and his friend snort and belch. If there was half a brain behind this show, I'd suggest the creators were trying to make a statement about our own voyeuristic habits as we watch hot lesbo sex on the show. But there is no evidence of any brains on this show, so instead I'll just assume it's some bizarre attempt to appeal to a broad audience, although I'm not sure how this is helping. The plot chicanery necessary to get the straight guy in a position to record all the lesbo sex was stupid enough ... now we have to sit through endless scenes of this idiot, for no reason I can come up with.

So you've got a totally unnecessary, boring and disgusting hidden-cam sex plot, you've got these terribly cheesy visualizations of Jenny's terrible and cheesy fiction, you've got the world's worst theme song (new for this season, as well) ... and last night, you had Melissa Rivers playing herself having an affair with a lesbian (who is last heard saying "I can't wait to meet your mother"). What a disaster.