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ESPN Fantasy Baseball

If anyone out there plays ESPN Fantasy Baseball, here's the info for the league I'm in this year:

I invite you to join the following league in Fantasy Baseball: Miyazaki

Joining a league is easy, here are the simple steps:

You must purchase a team (if you have not done so already).  Teams may be purchased by accessing the signup page:

Sign into your team at the FLB Frontpage:

Once you have signed into your FLB front page, using your member name and password, you will then need to click on your new team link.  Once you have done that you will come back to this e-mail and click on the following link:

You should then see the list of league members.  Under those names you will see a 'Join League' option.  Click on this and you will officially be a member of the Miyazaki. If this is a private league, you will need to input the password provided in this e-mail.

Draft Type: Multi-List
Scoring Type: Rotisserie
Stat Type: Sabermetrics
League Size: 10 Team
Draft Date: Mon, Mar 28, 12:00 AM, PST
Access Type: Public

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