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dr. don rose

Word is that Dr. Don Rose died last night. Rose was a Bay Area DJ in the 70s and 80s ... perhaps it's better to say he was THE Bay Area DJ, at least on the AM side of the dial. He was easy to hate, especially if you'd been raised on the laid-back stoner raps of the FM "underground" ... Dr. Don was non-stop jokes and sound effects, like Henny Youngman on meth. He was inescapable for a long time, which bothered lots of people, but it was hard not to feel affection for his show. I have a lecture I give on rock and roll radio ... I use Wolfman Jack airchecks as the ultimate DJ, and Tom Donahue for the FM guru, but when I wanted my students to understand what a fired-up AM disc jockey sounded like, I'd just play them a few minutes of Dr. Don ... it worked every time.

Check out a 1976 aircheck here ... there's more if you wander around the site. And the next time you hear someone refer to Sacratomato, think of Dr. Don Rose.