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I'm not sure where this meme started, or if it's even a meme, or exactly what the rules are, but based on the examples of my friends lizyjn, jorit, and Charlie, here are ten things I've done that are ... well, I don't know what they are supposed to be.

1) Got married in a small-town park with a judge presiding and a little-league baseball game going on in the distance.

2) Took a frightened dump in Candlestick Park on October 17, 1989, while an aftershock took place.

3) Hiked to the top of Mt. Lassen.

4) Stood next to Jack Casady at a urinal trough in the Fillmore.

5) Stood next to Ron Dellums at a urinal on the UCB campus (I talked to him).

6) Served once as an acolyte at Grace Cathedral.

7) Saw John McEnroe and Jimmy Connors at Wimbledon (OK, it was two different matches).

8) Became one with the ocean waves while on psychedelic drugs in Capitola.

9) Officiated at my son's wedding.

10) Killed a cat.