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pre-Oscar blog

Tonight will be my first "DVR" Oscar, which means there won't be any real-time posting here, as I'll probably start watching an hour into the thing and fast-forward through the ads and songs. While the Oscars are usually the only awards show I watch each year, it's not like I actually enjoy them ... but they are a part of our culture in ways the other awards shows are not, so I'll be there, if slightly delayed.

A couple of observations, one of which I came up with while commenting on Charlie's blog. I have only seen two of the five nominees for Best Supporting Actress, but I loved Virginia Madsen in Sideways and hope she wins, in part because a look at her resume shows someone who has been in some pretty dreadful movies over the years, and it's about time she got some positive attention. You can sort a person's films by IMDB rating, and it's v.instructive to do this with Madsen. At the bottom of her list are films like Zombie High ... here's how bad her resume is, she's made two movies with worse ratings than Zombie High. The #2 film on her list is Long Gone at 6.90 (this mid-80s HBO film compares favorably to Bull Durham and is unjustly neglected, by the way). Sideways is #1 at 8.09, which means it's not only an extremely bright spot in a dreadful career, it's way better than even the second-best movie she ever made.

Meanwhile, Chris Rock is a veteran of Saturday Night Live, and it's an accepted truth that SNL has produced a lot of movie talent over the years. But here's a shout out to another show that Rock was on, that has given us talent that appears in actual good movies, In Living Color: Jamie Foxx is gonna be the star of the night, and let's not forget Jim Carrey, very good in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and what the heck, even Jennifer Lopez used to be a Fly Girl.