pre-Oscar blog
curve ball


Kinda boring.

Chris Rock was good enough. Sean Penn ... who would have thought the guy who was so funny as Spicoli would turn out to be such a fucking sourpuss? Hilary Swank ... who would have thought a 90210 alumnus would already have two acting Oscars? Jamie Foxx ... good speech. Salmita, you looked great as always.

Clint Eastwood as best director for the second time? I said my piece about Clint's directing a couple of days ago. I'll just add that tonight we saw evidence of the two best things you can say about him as a director: two of his actors won Oscars, and, as Clint himself noted in his acceptance speech, he shot the whole thing in 37 days.

Technical notes: I started watching a little after 6:00, so I gave it a 35 minute head start. There were more commercials than I expected, but what I really forgot about were the songs, which are the worst part of any Oscar telecast unless they cook up a big production number, which they didn't this time. I fast-forwarded through the first four songs, and all of a sudden it was 7:23 and I was caught up. So I had to sit through that godawful Josh Groban and a bunch of commercials. Next year I'm starting at 7:00.

It looked ok in hi-def, that's all.

And thanks to Taylor Hackford for directing Ray, because that meant I got half-a-dozen shots of Helen Mirren.