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oscar run xix: shark tale

I'll make this short and not so sweet. Shark Tale was the worst movie of 2004 that I have seen, worse even than Bridget Jones 2 (which also starred Renee Zellweger ... hmmm). I have no idea who this movie was for ... every "joke" was an in-joke that would have gone over the head of any kids who were watching (unless they've all been watching The Godfather and Jaws and Ali and Jerry Maguire when their parents weren't looking), and beyond the self-congratulatory feeling that comes from recognizing the various bits that were stolen from other movies, there was no joy to be had by adults. Meaningless to kids, stupid to adults ... that doesn't leave much of an audience. It's not enough to simply throw a thousand pop-cult references onto the screen. Meanwhile, the "acting" was atrocious ... none of the big names did any acting, to be honest, they all just played themselves, and badly. Compared to this, Shrek 2 was Citizen Kane. Two on a scale of ten.



ha! You apparently saw both of them. You're a braver person than me.


shark tale was amazing, & your just jealous you could never think of a movie as creative as it was.

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