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oscar run 1976: king kong

I'm not going to say much about the 1976 version of King Kong, since someone's paying me to write an essay about it (which is why I re-watched it today). It did indeed win a special achievement Oscar for Visual Effects, a bit of a joke considering how much fun has been made of the film in that regard for the last three decades. Or maybe by "visual effects" they meant "Jessica Lange's legs" ... holy moly, do her gams look hot in those daisy dukes! (OK, they weren't called "daisy dukes" yet in 1976, but Lange's Legs are so magnificent my brain is still befuddled.)

I have to develop an angle on this movie for the book. I personally requested the '76 remake for my topic, which puzzled the editor, but I assured him I'd come up with something. I suspect I'll be writing about the revulsion the movie inspires amongst hardcore fans of the original. I'm one of the latter, to be sure, but I can't say I hate this one ... it's not a classic, but neither does it stink, and it's rather astonishing to watch it with its awful reputation in your mind, because it's a six on a scale of ten but judging by what others say, you're expecting a one. (Actually, IMDB users give it a 5.2 rating.)

And seriously, Jessica Lange's legs are hot. Even if her own reputation was so damaged by this, her first movie, that she didn't make another film for three years.