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more on kids and long movies

OK, House of Flying Daggers wasn't that long ... about 2 hours ... but I may have to adjust my thinking about kids and long movies based on my experience in the theatre tonight.

There were a LOT of young kids sitting behind us for the movie ... I don't know, 6, 8, more, and not teenagers but pre-teens. Maybe Jillian or Doug or Robin can chime in. Anyway, I was a bit surprised to see them, and when the movie started up and the subtitles came on, I figured the kids would all leave. But nope! They stayed for the whole movie, and seemed to like it a lot. Of course, whenever there was mushy stuff on the screen, they'd start eating popcorn ... Jillian said they sounded like raccoons ... but hey, when I was their age, that's pretty much what I'd do whenever anyone started kissing on screen.