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Jim Mohr, someone I never heard of writing in the San Bernardino County Sun, which I never heard of, bares his claws:

"I'm not going to allow you guys to ruin my joy," he told the vultures, many of whom couldn't conduct a real investigative report, let alone spell the two words. The majority of sports media out there, including those who work at ESPN and Fox, should not classify themselves as journalists.

They live on rumors, innuendo and hype. Rewritten press releases are the majority of their stories. They play themselves into the story so often the lines become blurred as to what is real and what is not.

To them Bonds is an enigma.

He refuses to answer their questions, which often have the substance of baby food, and he won't acknowledge the pack mentality that is so common among these vermin.

They wanted to challenge him on steroid use, but none of them had read the grand jury transcripts where he supposedly admitted to getting a clear substance and a cream from steroid distributor BALCO.

That report was released in the San Francisco Chronicle last November, not by Chronicle sportswriters, but by Mark Fainaru-Wada and Lance Williams, two of the newspaper's best investigative reporters.

They did the research, they obtained the transcripts … and then it fell into the hands of the sports media, which hyped up the report of the report, did not investigate the claims further, but instead called "outside sources" to comment so they could hype the story even farther....

The piranhas asked Bonds 48 questions. Of those, only five pertained to his pursuit of one of the most coveted records in baseball lore.