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karma top ten

I'm finally getting a handle on the actual stats for my Karma. So I know that my #1 song has been played 9 times, the last time being December 8. I can use this to adjust the Top Ten rankings a bit, which gives me a new #1 (last month's rankings in parentheses):

1. Willie Nelson, "Whiskey River" (5)
2. Prince, "The Question of U" (1)
3. Simon and Garfunkel, "Cecilia" (3)
4. Prince, "Delirious" (4)
5. Queen Latifah, "Ladies First" (2)
6. Buffalo Springfield, "Kind Woman" (10)
7. Buffalo Springfield, "Expecting to Fly" (-)
8. Marianne Faithfull, "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" (-)
9. B-52's, "Love Shack" (7)
10. Peggy Lee, "Fever" (8)

Falling off the list are Bruce Springsteen ("Glory Days") and Donovan ("Riding in My Car (Car Song)").

And in the tradition, here is #51: Lucinda Williams, "Blue."