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Not sure what to make of this. If you ever use Google, you've probably noticed the ads that appear with your search results, ads that are related to whatever you are searching for. Here, I'll do one ... I was looking for the Loading Zone song "Can I Dedicate" and searched Google ... the ad that turned up was for a "loading zone cargo gate."

Well, Gmail does the same thing, which has turned off some people who know the only way for Google to give appropriate ads is to search your email. Their fears are mostly silly, IMO ... it's not a human being searching your email, it's a bot, the same kind of bot you probably thank a hundred times a day for removing spam from your mailbox. Anyway, yesterday Robin sent me a photo of herself at work and called the message "Your holiday wife." I, Steven Rubio, replied with an I-Love-You email, and she tells me the "sponsored link" (i.e. advertisement) that appeared was for an interracial matchmaker service.


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