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kidney stone update

On January 20, I posted an update on my kidney stone situation. It was a post like any other, or so I thought.

On March 1, someone named Milton posted a comment. Whenever you get a comment long after the fact, the first suspicion is Comment Spam ... those spammers don't care what message they attach their stuff to, and no one had found my stone update worthy of comment for almost a month and a half. But Milton was genuine ... he, too, is a kidney stone sufferer.

On March 25, "Bob" stopped by, looking for info. Why he would ask such a question on my blog was odd, but what the heck ... now my post had two comments.

On March 31, "Pris" added her two cents worth.

On April 11, Milton returned.

And so on and so on and so on ... until, by year's end, my little kidney stone update had gathered a record-for-Steven 33 comments! Eventually, I felt obliged to edit the original post to warn visitors that I wasn't a medical doctor and they shouldn't take my blog as a place for serious medical advice.

I have no idea why my blog has become a site frequented by stone sufferers. At first I thought perhaps a search engine like Yahoo! had picked up on my post, but if that was true, it isn't any longer ... I just typed "kidney stones" into both Yahoo! and Google and my site was nowhere on the first pages.

So it will continue to be a mystery. In the meantime, here's a tip of the cap to the Blog Post of the Year!