in the cut

beat me beat me

The Passion of the Christ is quite the masochist's wet dream. It's hard not to imagine fundamentalist Republicans seeing this movie as a truthful reenactment of what they go through every day: all those fucking Jews persecuting the good Xtians, in lovely, gory ("historically accurate") detail. They don't turn away from the unremitting brutality because in feeling Jesus's pain, they relive their own existence as righteous people in a secular world. The Passion is filled with blood, but it elicits cum from the ecstatic nutcases who made this a box-office smash.

What is seen on the screen isn't half bad, if not as good as, say, the recent remake of Dawn of the Dead. The sadism (and basically everything else in the movie) is so overdone it actually gets a bit boring by the time "they" are pounding the nails into Christ's flesh. There's even concrete evidence of the existence of God: how else to explain the beauty of Monica Bellucci, than by bowing to the Creator who made her? Five on a scale of ten (point deducted for socio-cultural creepiness).