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trivia by the numbers

Scott Woods is going alphabetically through his record collection. I don't think I'll be doing that here anytime soon, but I can do something trivial ... I'm good at that!

I'll start with albums whose title begins with a number, since that's what comes up first in my database file. Album that you'd be most surprised to know I own? How about 16 Most Requested Songs by Rosemary Clooney? Album I never listen to? It's not really an album, but how about the EP of remixes of "57 Channels (And Nothin' On)"? Random track from mix CD? How about "When It Falls" by Zero 7, from a mix I made called 2004 Quakes ... I assume I listened to it on the road to San Jose sometime this summer. Best album? 30 Greatest Hits by Aretha Franklin. Top four albums that aren't anthologies or mixes?

New Order, 1981-FEP 313-1982
Randy Newman, 12 Songs
Prince, 1999
Rolling Stones, 12x5