the plague
the new civil war

the new civil war

Hey, all you reactionary Bush-voting rightwing homophobic creeps! Hey, all you fraidy-cat "blame it on Gavin Newsom" compromising "liberals"! Hey, all you states that passed anti-gay marriage laws! This is a queer-friendly website.

"If you want to have gay sex or visit a library, it's probably your last night to do those things. Personally, I'll be killing two birds with one stone."
-- Ed Helms on The Daily Show

"Helms made me feel pretty good about assfucking and literary scholarship as a form of civil disobediance. I've got my work cut out for me. I'm going to have to learn how to multitask."
-- Quotidian on Television Without Pity

"To become a saint, you have to live."
-- Albert Camus



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