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remake of the dead: dawn of the dead (zack snyder, 2004)

Some people actually read this blog for an informative break from their daily routine, so here's a movie review!

We just watched the 2004 version of Dawn of the Dead. I saw the original when it came out and liked it ... at the time, I liked it more than I liked Night of the Living Dead, although I'm not sure I still hold that opinion. Truth be told, I don't remember much about the original, which is probably a good thing, since most of the reviews of the remake note that it's not as canny a critique of consumer society as Romero's film. Instead, I got off on the zombie stuff ... it's not as funny as Return of the Living Dead (brains brains), but it's of the same genre as that goofy sequel/remake/whatever, and it's better. The first ten or so minutes are killer ... in fact, that's why we watched the movie, because I saw a free preview of the opening and was sucked in. Some good actors, lots of good gore, does what it sets out to do even if what it sets out to do isn't particularly wonderful.

A note about the format in which we watched it. As we wait endlessly for Comcast to finally deliver DVR (Robin reminds me that when we went to Spain last November, we hoped to have DVR when we returned ... it's been a year and we're still waiting), we decided to take advantage of the other thing Comcast is offering: On Demand. Dawn of the Dead cost us $3.99 ... my first movie pay-per-view! ... but three of us watched, which was only $1.33 per person. And it was widescreen, with terrific surround sound. And because it was On Demand, it had pause buttons and the like, which came in handy when the phone rang. All in all, a good experience, equal to renting a DVD and a lot easier. They have HD On Demand ... the movies there are $5.99, and the only non-IMAX film right now is Passion of the Christ ... but I liked the non-HD version of On Demand enough, I'm sure at some point I'll taste the HD version as well.


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