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karma top ten

I can't believe it. I finally have a new #1.

As a reminder, these are the most-played songs on my Karma. I don't know how accurate the software is, don't know if there are ties, I just post the ten songs that come up when I choose "Top Tunes." And for the first time, Queen Latifah is not at the top of the list. Here they are at the end of November, last month's rankings in parentheses:

1. Prince, "The Question of U" (-)
2. Queen Latifah, "Ladies First" (1)
3. Simon and Garfunkel, "Cecilia" (8)
4. Prince, "Delirious" (3)
5. Willie Nelson, "Whiskey River" (5)
6. Bruce Springsteen, "Glory Days" (2)
7. B-52's, "Love Shack" (-)
8. Peggy Lee, "Fever" (4)
9. Donovan, "Riding in My Car (Car Song)" (6)
10. Buffalo Springfield, "Kind Woman" (-)

Falling off the list are Marianne Faithfull's "Boulevard of Broken Dreams," which fell from #7 to #12, Prince with "When 2 R in Love" (#9/#13), and En Vogue, "Don't Let Go (Love)" (#10/#14).

And, continuing last month's new tradition, #51 is ...

Earth Wind and Fire, "Shining Star"