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ollie stone

if the nba really wants my attention, maybe they could have their teams score more than 78 points a game

I know a few things about passive-aggressive behavior, as my family could tell you ... been there, done that, a thousand times over. I recognize it when I see it, too, which is why I think King Kaufman has it right about the recent NBA brawl:

In the thousands upon thousands of words I've heard and read on the fracas, no one has mentioned this: Artest lying on the scorer's table was a provocative act, a middle-digit salute to the Pistons, their fans, the officials, pretty much anybody. Disrespect. What else could Artest have been saying by lying on the scorer's table?

Don't give me "anger management" ... Artest knew what he was doing, and it wasn't calming down.

Fans don't belong on the court, and players don't belong in the stands. The fans who went on the court deserved to get popped in the face ... the players who went head-hunting in the stands deserved their suspensions.