lou reed, winterland, 1974

bridget jones: the edge of reason (beeban kidron, 2004)

We have a long history with the Bridget Jones franchise around our house, although Jillian is the central figure in that focus ... among other things, she's the one who brought me the original novel from England, before it had been released in the States. I liked the first Bridget movie quite a bit, and thought Renée Zellweger deserved the Best Actress Oscar that year.

I can't really say I was looking forward to Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason. It's gotten mostly poor reviews (42 on a scale of 100 on Metacritic), and the novel wasn't up to the first one. Plus, the best scene in the novel, when Bridget interviews Colin Firth, was unlikely to make it into the movie, Firth being one of the main actors in the first movie (and, in fact, that scene does not make it into BJ2).

Still and all, it was pretty disappointing. I laughed a couple of times, Hugh Grant was good, Colin Firth was handsome, Zellweger is better looking with meat on her bones and boobs on her chest (although the director didn't do her looks any favors in this one). But the movie was a dud ... not only wasn't it worth seeing, it made me question the value of the first movie. Watching The Edge of Reason, I couldn't remember why I'd ever liked Bridget in the first place. Guess I need to re-read the first novel and re-watch the first movie.


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