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godfather iii


Steve Hammond dropped me an email and asked where my annual Jerry Lewis Telethon rants had gone. Here's what I wrote him:

I kept trying to think of something to post, but I had nada. I watched a few hours, and it just didn't fire up the old energies. Maybe I watched at the wrong time, but Jerry didn't appear once in all the hours I watched, and almost every "entertainment" act was one I'd never heard of ... usually, it's a couple of big stars, a bunch of Grade C people, and some unknowns, but this time, either I'm getting out of touch or they had more obscure people on than ever. The only "regulars" I caught were Maureen McGovern and Norm Crosby.

And then there was the crappy poetry of that kid who died. I don't know, I couldn't make fun of him for being dead, but jeez, his stuff was awful, and then they had some kid on who recorded an album of the dead kid's poems set to music, and ... it was Telethon Terrible but not in a "thank God Norm Crosby gets to do his shtick" way but in a "man this is pathetic" way.

In my dotage, I'm losing the ability to make ironic fun of crappy pop culture. It's just not worth it ... there's too much good stuff out there to waste my time on the bad.

And yet ... last night I was talking about the telethon with some friends, and I said I hadn't really watched much this time around. And then I realized by "not much" I meant "only about three hours." I gotta get a life.