if only
the tunes just keep on comin'

willie nelson

Well, Robin and I are going to see Willie Nelson.

He will probably be the oldest musician we ever saw in concert. We saw Muddy Waters near the end of his life, but he didn't make 70, and Willie is already 71. Back when we used to go to the Concord Jazz Festival we probably saw some old guy ... I remember seeing Joe Venuti then, he might have been in his 70s. But Willie Nelson will at the least be the oldest guy we went specifically to see.

Lucinda Williams is the opening act ... even she's a few months older than us. So we'll be spring chickens!

It's hard to figure out the seating chart for Zellerbach, where the concert takes place, but I think we're either 8th or 9th row, just off-center, so that'll be nice.