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don't deal with the russkies

My account on AllOfMP3 was running low, so I went to add $10 ... had some Simple Minds to download, after all! Their PayPal account wasn't working, so I had to use a credit card. I grabbed one from my desk ... it's a Wells Fargo Mastercard from back when I fucked up the money so bad the only way we could get a card was if I secured it with my own money ... now I use it when I'm too lazy to get up from the desk and get a real card, which means it rarely gets more than $20 or so in a month of use. I tried to use it to add the $10, but it was refused, and soon after Wells Fargo called me at home to inform me that there was some unusual activity on my card. Yep, it was the Russkies ... Wells Fargo denied the use of the card because they thought there was something weird about my giving money to someone in Moscow!

As long as I'm here, if you don't know about AllOfMP3, it's a Russian website that allows you to download music by the meg, for a VERY cheap price, and it's "legal" because they've gotten the Russian rights to all the music.