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First, I've posted some pictures from our trip. You can find them amongst the photo albums to your left, or just click here.

We stayed at a Navy Lodge, which was interesting. It was very inexpensive, but our room was fine, including kitchenette. The oddest thing was that many of the places on the Navy base wouldn't take our money ... you had to be associated with the Navy to get stuff at lots of the stores. The result was that Robin and I dined one evening at McDonald's, not exactly a regular occurrence, because we could spend money there.

Sunday we took a ferry from Bremerton, where the Lodge was located, to Seattle. The main place we visited there was the Experience Music Project. I guess the coolest artifact in the museum was the guitar used in the Kingsmen's recording of "Louie Louie," although the picture I took didn't come out very well. (We did get a decent photo of one of Sir Mix-a-Lot's music machines.) Other highlights were a wall from the Ed Sullivan Theatre that the Beatles wrote on, one of Biggie Smalls' outfits, and Sleater-Kinney vinyl.

Meanwhile, as is evidenced in the photo album, Ava's real cute.

In the open thread comments, there was a note about the Olympics. The only thing I'm watching is soccer, so I can't speak very authoritatively about the rest, but it's silly to say the U.S. men's basketball team is untalented.

And Scott asked for my fave movies and teevee series. I've done the movies here before, most seriously in 2002. Here are the relevant posts:

ten best films

directors poll





so here's my final list

What's needed is a Top Ten Movies of the Last 30 Years, since my best-of skews old.

I'll deal with teevee in a later post.


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