is it a tradition yet?
fahrenheit 9/11 (michael moore, 2004)

movie-going stat freak stuff

Movielens makes recommendations for movies to see, based on ratings you enter for films you've already experienced. It also offer recommendations for groups of people who have entered data, so if you're renting a DVD or going to the show, it'll tell you what the group would want to see. Being anal, I've rated 732 movies so far.

A new feature on the site is a stats page that tells you all sorts of stuff. You know I'm gonna post some of the results here.

The five least often rated movies that I've rated ... I'd say these were the Obscure Movies Steven Has Seen except they aren't all obscure:

1. Tales of Ordinary Madness
2. The Chase
3. Paid in Full
4. Pipe Dream
5. In This World
The five movies where my rating most differs from the average rating ... in theory this will be my over and under-rated films, but in fact, this is a list of movies I don't like as much as other people do. (Movielens allows us to rate films on a 0.5-5 basis.)
1. I Am Sam
My rating: 0.5 stars, average rating: 3.6 stars
2. Se7en
My rating: 1 stars, average rating: 4.0 stars
3. Stardust Memories
My rating: 0.5 stars, average rating: 3.4 stars
4. Tetsuo (The Ironman)
My rating: 0.5 stars, average rating: 3.3 stars
5. Risky Business
My rating: 1 stars, average rating: 3.6 stars
Average ratings by genre:
Film-Noir 4.38
Musical 3.96
War 3.7
Documentary 3.68
Romance 3.59
Mystery 3.57
Crime 3.47
Fantasy 3.47
Western 3.47
Drama 3.42
Adventure 3.35
Horror 3.34
Thriller 3.27
Action 3.21
Sci-Fi 3.2
Comedy 3.19
Animation 3.17
Children 2.98
And, as long as I'm here, a peek at what the thing is used for ... here are the recent movies it thinks I would like (it predicts I'll give these a rating of 4 out of 5):
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
Super Size Me
Fahrenheit 9/11
Shrek 2
Before Sunset
The Bourne Supremacy
I'm on my way to see F 9/11 as soon as I'm done here.



I'm thinking a certain someone is really just a cranky old guy. Why is it that ALL of the movies on the list that have a wide discrepancy between what Steven thought and what the rest of the world thinks are all ones that Steven 'hated' and others liked? Aren't there ANY that Steven really likes and others panned?

Sounds cranky to me.

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